White Kitchen Cabinets: A Modern Farmstyle Look

White Kitchen Cabinets: Get That Modern Farmstyle Look

After our kitchen unexpectedly flooded, we had a ton of soggy, unsalvageable cabinetry to deal with. It was time to remodel. After some consideration, we decided to go with white kitchen cabinets for a modern farmhouse look.  Not only does our kitchen look far more inviting, clean, and bright, but we’ve managed to create more helpful storage space thanks to some smart design options. Let’s explore the cabinet remodel process.

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice!”

White Kitchen Cabinets
for That Modern Farmstyle Look

It’s challenging to think about our old cabinets without comparing them to the new ones. Nowadays, we can’t believe that we allowed ourselves to stick with such outdated cabinetry and design! Still, getting to our current state was a process.

We decided to replace our kitchen cabinets after a nasty flood. In addition to hiring the right service technicians to handle that issue, we also had to make a decision about our cabinets. We could have them refaced, or we could replace them.

After a tough discussion, we decided that the best thing to do would be to replace them. Repair and refacing costs were nearly identical to the replacement fees. Besides, household mold isn’t anything to laugh about.

Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets

We later realized that our older cabinets were past their prime. It had been time to replace them, though we only realized that after losing them. The new white woodgrain cabinets in our kitchen have breathed a fresh breath of air into our home.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets?

As we mentioned above, there are several reasons why you might want to remodel your kitchen cabinets. Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • Recent Damage

  • Age

  • Poor Quality

  • Property Value

We’ll discuss each of these reasons in greater depth, as it’s crucial to recognize when you may need to replace old cabinetry. Even if it’s not currently on your to-do list, you might need to schedule an emergency replacement as we did.

When that happens, it’s good to have a plan already in place. Reviewing these reasons could help you begin to think of a remodeling plan that matches your personal tastes and household budget.

Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets
Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets

Recent Damage

Accidents happen; it’s just a natural part of life. That’s why it’s so crucial to have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. It’s also a good idea to maintain a savings account for household damages.

You may not give your kitchen cabinets the credit they deserve until they’re gone. Preparing, cooking, and storing food is tricky when you don’t have safe, clean surfaces in your kitchen. But unexpected damage can rob you of counter space.

Consequently, you may end up shopping for replacement counters and cabinets on the fly. If you have an emergency plan in place, this process is bound to be far less stressful.


Older cabinets are often damaged, faulty, and ready for replacement. Solid wood cabinetry that’s been well-maintained could potentially last for several generations, but most homes don’t feature this type of cabinetry.

If your home is still sporting cabinets from half a century ago, you may want to upgrade. You cannot only achieve an improved look (as we did), but you could also ensure that your home is free of worrisome materials like asbestos.

Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets
Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets

Poor Quality

Some homes have sound foundations and sturdy walls but poor cabinetry and appliances. Fortunately, improving these features is far easier and more affordable than roofing, foundation, or HVAC issues.

Does your kitchen have low-quality cabinets that are peeling, chipping, or generally looking uninviting? Replacing them may be far easier than you think. And when you’re done, you can pat yourself on the back for increasing your home’s value.

Property Value

One of the greatest aspects of being a homeowner is that it can be far more rewarding than owning a vehicle. Cars begin to drop in value as soon as you drive them off the lot. The more you use your car, the less it’s worth for re-sale.
The opposite can be said of homes. The more you invest in improving your home’s appearance and functionality, the more it’s worth. By replacing old cabinets with new, stylish ones, you could be making a sound investment that has several returns.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Finding the Right Style

Once you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, you’ll need to choose the cabinet style. You may have decided that you’d like classic white cabinetry, but there are several potential styles from which to choose.

Some of the most common cabinet styles include:

  • Flat Panel

  • Recessed Panel

  • Raised Panel

  • Shaker

Let’s briefly explore each of these cabinet types to discover how they differ. By delving into these various types, you may also start to develop a preference. This tendency can help you make an educated and more immediate shopping decision.

Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets
Modern Farmstyle White Kitchen Cabinets

Flat Panel

We didn’t opt for flat panel cabinets, but that’s just because we wanted to achieve a slightly more rustic look for our kitchen. Flat panel styles tend to be far more modern, and while they are sleek and stylish, they didn’t vibe with our country style.

Still, if your ideal kitchen consists of neutral colors and sharp lines, flat panel cabinetry may be the best option. Of course, it’s only one of many types of cabinets.

Raised Panel

Raised panels do have some slight indentation, but this is only at the raised portions’ bases. We felt like this style was very classic, but not suitable for our particular household.

The raised edges didn’t seem safe for small tots, especially those that tend to run around the house with blankets, towels, and capes over their eyes (don’t ask!). But this type did appeal to a part of me that enjoys Victorian styles.

Still, we also thought that our light color patterns might contrast with the raised panel cabinets’ standard colorations. Most belonging to this type feature dark wood staining to help bring out the beautiful raised portions.

Recessed Panel

The recessed panel style tends to be just as it sounds. The cabinet’s main body will feature a recessed panel that is typically horizontal and slightly smaller than the width and length of the cabinet.

It’s a simple design that may be suitable for those who enjoy the flat panels’ contemporary allure but desire a little more style.


We decided on Shaker-style cabinets for our kitchen. The slight recession and wood grain lent itself well to our countryside aesthetic.

The choice between these and the recessed panel options was challenging. However, the fact that the Shaker-style cabinets also feature a slight recession near the handle, giving them an altogether more cohesive design, sold us.

Cabinet design incorporates style, material type, and several other factors. It can be a somewhat complicated endeavor, but design pros like those at RBC Cabinetry could help you figure out an optimal flow and look for your cabinets.

Enjoy New Cabinetry Today

White kitchen cabinets are a classic look, but they’re not the only potential solution to your kitchen design woes. Be sure to get creative and dream of different storage options, color patterns, and materials.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the depth of options, you could always contact the custom cabinetry experts. They’re bound to have ingenious solutions to your cabinet-based remodeling issues.

Need Help Finding the Right Cabinets for Your Space?

Whether you’re decorating a brand new space or renovating a home, selecting cabinets can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. The options are endless, and you’ll be living with the decision you make for a long time.

We can help. The team at RBC Cabinetry understands the high stakes of any remodeling job, and we’re happy to help you explore the possibilities. Our goal is to offer clarity, provide top-quality custom service, and make your dream renovation an energizing experience.

 Contact us to learn more. We love to talk shop!

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White Kitchen Cabinets: Spark Inspiration & Increase Value

White Kitchen Cabinets - Home Resale Value

Nearly every homeowner has dreamed of brightening their home with white kitchen cabinets. But that dream is often interrupted with “practical” concerns.

Won’t your kitchen look too clinical?

Will white cabinets show too much dirt and grime?

What about wear and tear?

The truth is, white cabinets are far more practical than they seem. From creating an inviting living space to increasing resale value, there are countless benefits.

If you’re looking for a reason to feel good about going with white, look no further.

White Kitchen Cabinets are Timeless

There’s nothing wrong with a unique, contemporary look for your kitchen cabinets.

But if you want a timeless look, white is the way to go.

White kitchen cabinets never go out of style. The white cabinets that catch your eye today will still be beautiful twenty-five years from now, long after half your closet has become obsolete.

The major benefit of this is that you won’t feel pressured to drop a lot of money on kitchen updates just to keep with the changing times. You can renovate when it’s right for your life and your budget . . . not when fad demands it.

White Kitchen Cabinets - Home Resale Value

White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas are Endless

Even those whose aesthetic leans more trendy than classic benefit from the simplicity of white cabinets. White goes with everything—every color, every style, every motif. When it’s time to update your home décor, you can update around your white kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of our favorite white kitchen cabinet ideas:

  • Switch out your cabinet door handles.

  • Pair white cabinets with a couple glass door cabinets to reveal your best dishes and painted shelves.

  • Add gold colored hardware to glam things up.

  • Bring in a rustic kitchen cart and bare-bones bar stools for a modern farmhouse vibe.

  • Paint your accent wall with the new year’s hottest colors.

  • Update your backsplash.

  • Create a cool, minimalist look with sleek, modern light fixtures.

 Whatever your new vision may be, your white kitchen cabinets will play along. You can revitalize your space through low-cost updates instead of gutting the entire kitchen.

Colors and Textures Pop Next to White Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Thrilled about your new backsplash? Can’t wait to show off your recycled glass countertops? Want to make sure your tea towel collection catches the eye?

White cabinets provide a clean canvas for your kitchen, ensuring all the colors and textures that define your space can claim their rightful spotlight. White doesn’t compete; it enhances, supports, and highlights.

Dust Hides Better on White Surfaces

Many homeowners worry about keeping white kitchen cabinets clean. What they neglect to consider is that dark finishes have their own downside: dust.

Dust is far more noticeable on dark surfaces. This is especially true for high-touch fixtures like kitchen cabinets. One swipe of the finger is all it takes to reveal that your cabinets are supposed to be caviar black, not slate tile gray.

You might argue that dusting is easy. True enough. But so is maintaining your white cabinets.

Make a solution containing two cups of warm water, one cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of baking soda. A once-monthly application of this cleaning mixture keeps your cabinets pristine.

White Cabinets Have Universal Appeal

Believe it or not, white kitchen cabinets can be a boost for your home’s resale value.

When potential buyers tour your home, they’re thinking, “How much work do I have to put in to make this space mine?” When you have white kitchen cabinets, those buyers don’t feel locked into your aesthetic. It’s easy for them to imagine reinventing the kitchen with an inexpensive paint job or updated hardware.

However, if you went for a trendy or unique cabinet color, you can only appeal to those homebuyers who share your taste. Those who do not are calculating the cost of a full kitchen remodel and redefining the value of the house accordingly.

White Kitchen Cabinets Make Your Space Feel Fresh

Finally, white cabinets have a way of brightening the entire kitchen. They reflect natural sunlight, and as a result, the room feels cleaner, fresher, and even more spacious.

White kitchen cabinets are a great design idea for small spaces.

You’ll be surprised how your kitchen transforms after you swap darker shades for brilliant white. This is a great move for selling your home.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Our Favorite: White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Deciding on a color is only half the battle. You may know you want white kitchen cabinets, but do you want something with a little old world charm, like RBC’s Crossbuck or Cottage style cabinets?

Or maybe you prefer something sleek and modern, like our Euro design.

If you want to have full style versatility in the future, we recommend white Shaker kitchen cabinets. The simple design of Shaker cabinets features a recessed center panel and minimalist or decorative edging.

White Shaker cabinets can be accessorized or complemented to fulfill a wide range of styles. You can add elegant hardware to dress them up. You can use a distressed finish to dress them down. And you can explore countless options in between.

White Bathroom Cabinets

Beyond the Kitchen: White Bathroom Cabinets

What about bathroom cabinets? White is certainly the classic choice for bathrooms—but is it the best?

As always, the best option is whatever option makes your house a home to you.

 The advantages of white bathroom cabinets are the same as white kitchen cabinets. They’re versatile, bright, and make the room look pristine. 

White Bathroom Vanity Cabinets & White Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The beauty of white bathroom vanity cabinets is that you know they’ll match whatever look you’re going for.

Prefer the earthy look of stone countertops? Want the refreshing feel of sea glass wall tiles? Maybe you dream of a spa-like atmosphere: the bamboo bath mat, the fluffy white towels, the glass vessel sink.

Whatever your vision is, your white bathroom cabinets will accommodate the dream.

Need Help Finding the Right Cabinets for Your Space?

Whether you’re decorating a brand new space or renovating a home, selecting cabinets can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. The options are endless, and you’ll be living with the decision you make for a long time.

We can help. The team at RBC Cabinetry understands the high stakes of any remodeling job, and we’re happy to help you explore the possibilities. Our goal is to offer clarity, provide top-quality custom service, and make your dream renovation an energizing experience.

 Contact us to learn more. We love to talk shop!

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