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The many styles of cabinet door and drawer faces are endless. From contemporary flat panel and shaker doors to the more traditional recessed and raised panel variety, there is a design to suit all tastes for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

We recommend narrowing down your style options by selecting your preferred door profile first. “Profile” refers to the way the door or drawer face is constructed. For example:

Is the center panel flat, recessed, or raised?

Does the door or drawer feature a frame?

Is the frame rounded, arched, or squared?

Does the door include beveling or more decorative embellishments?

Cabinet door profiles typically fall into one of four categories:

1. Flat panel cabinet doors
2. Shaker cabinet doors
3. Recessed panel cabinet doors
4. Raised panel cabinet doors

Of these four profiles, only flat panel cabinets come without framing or embellishments. As for the other three, the world is your oyster. Combine your preferred profile with any frame shape, beveling, or embellishment for a look that is uniquely your own.

Once you know which door profile you prefer for your kitchen cabinets, you can delve into wood species, finishes, and hardware.

Here’s a quick primer on all your profile options.

Flat Panel Cabinet Door

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat-panel cabinets, commonly known as slab cabinets, have no framing or embellishments. The middle panel of the door is usually made from one piece of wood that lays flat, instead of being contoured or raised. These simplistic cabinets have smooth and clean lines that work well for both traditional and modern looks. Since they don’t have any expensive details, they can be budget-friendly.

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors
Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker-style cabinetry is versatile and works with any kind of décor style. These cabinets come in all types of woods, stains, and hardware.

Shaker cabinets usually utilize high-quality woods, making the design durable and long-lasting. This style is known for its square recessed panel door without adornment. However, many designs have come about including borders that are beveled.

Whether you seek a modern or traditional kitchen in your home, shaker cabinets give you a simple and stylish look.

Shaker Cabinet Door
Recessed Panel Cabinet Door

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

A recessed panel cabinet has a center panel that is slightly indented, with a thick-framed trim adding visual depth and dimension.

These cabinets typically use thinner types of wood. This ensures that the material is light enough to sit inside the recessed area without changing the overall appearance of the wood.

The framework around the panel can integrate different details such as arches, rounded or squared angles, glass or metal, and various finishes.

Recessed Panel Cabinets
Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Traditional raised panel doors have been the most versatile and popular door style for decades. These doors have an outer frame that usually features a bevel or other intricate decorative effect. They also have a center panel that rises to the height of the door frame.

The combination of frame, bevels, routing, and contouring is only limited by your imagination. Raised panel kitchen cabinets are often accompanied by ornate molding and fixtures, creating a warm and inviting environment.

Raised Panel Cabinets

I Picked a Profile for my Kitchen Cabinet Design. Now What?

Once you know what type of door you want for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the next step is to decide on:


Kitchen Knives Organizer

Never underestimate the transformative power of cabinet hardware.

From ornate drawer pulls to modern, minimalist handles, the hardware you choose for your cabinets establishes a theme for your kitchen or bath. Subtle as it may be, this element is as much a part of your kitchen cabinet design as your door profile and finish.

However, if you went for a trendy or unique cabinet color, you can only appeal to those homebuyers who share your taste. Those who do not are calculating the cost of a full kitchen remodel and redefining the value of the house accordingly.

Wood Species

Wood Species

Once again, the options are virtually endless.

You might prefer the color versatility of pine. Or perhaps you want something remarkably durable, like hickory. You might love cost-effective maple or choose the deep red of cherry for your kitchen cabinet design.


Cabinet Finishes

Do you want dark bathroom cabinets with a distinct wood grain? Or do you prefer classic white kitchen cabinets?

From modern shades to classic stains, your finish sets the tone for the entire room.

Still Need a Little Help?

We understand. While everyone loves the idea of having custom kitchen cabinets made to their specifications, not everyone has an easy time nailing down their vision. If you’re an “I know what I like when I see it” type, we can help.

At RBC Cabinetry, we don’t just make your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to order. We also talk through your goals, budget, and style to help you find the perfect solution for your space.

If you know you want something a little rustic, we can make suggestions. We also have plenty of options for modern, classic, retro, glam . . . whatever your style is, our team is here to help you explore the possibilities.

We also invite you to share images of cabinets you love. Snap a picture of your friend’s stunning kitchen cabinets, tear a photo out of a magazine, or peruse our cabinet projects.

We can replicate any cabinet design or mix and match the features you love to create something that is uniquely yours.

RBC Cabinetry also guarantees quality cabinets. You can be certain we only use the finest materials to craft your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Between the stunning design and durable wood, our custom cabinets stand the test of time.

Need Help Finding the Right Cabinets for Your Space?

Whether you’re decorating a brand new space or renovating a home, selecting cabinets can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. The options are endless, and you’ll be living with the decision you make for a long time.

We can help. The team at RBC Cabinetry understands the high stakes of any remodeling job, and we’re happy to help you explore the possibilities. Our goal is to offer clarity, provide top-quality custom service, and make your dream renovation an energizing experience.

 Contact us to learn more. We love to talk shop!