Consider the Details

Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen or filling a need at your rental property, consider all the details before purchasing your cabinets.

1. Box type

Framed or Frameless

2. Joint Construction

Dado, Rabbet, Doweled, Dovetail

3. Materials

Hardwood, Metal, Plywood, Melamine, Particle Board

4. Finishes

Paint, Stain, Glaze, Acrylic, Thermafoil, Laminate

5. Hardware & Accessories

Hinges, Knobs, Pulls, Rollout Trays, Organizers

Cabinet Design 101

Cabinet Box Construction

Drill and Hammer Construction

Box construction is the foundation of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets so it’s important to consider both the design and materials used in their manufacturing. Higher quality materials provide durability and the method of construction contributes to their longevity.

Although it’s not necessary to know all the details of what goes in to making a cabinet, it’s a good idea to know your options. There are essentially two types of cabinets, framed and frameless. Each has unique benefits and one may be more suitable for your application than the other.

Joint construction is also a consideration. If you’re looking for a long-lasting quality cabinet, it’s important the joints are structurally sound and can withstand years of use. These are most often constructed with dovetail joints. For the more price-conscious, you can expect a less rigid design using dado or rabbet joints.

The type of material used to build the cabinet box is also where corners can be cut or durability can be enhanced. For instance, a structure built with particle board will not stand the test of time compared to solid hardwood.

Framed vs. Frameless

There are two construction types: framed and frameless. The difference has to do with the way the box is built. Although both cabinets have about the same amount of space, the frameless cabinet has more accessibility. Both offer a quality and stylish cabinet but with different styles and function.


Just as the name states, this American style cabinet is simply a cabinet with a face frame that covers the front of the cabinet box. This is the traditional style of cabinetry that allows for easier installation and door/drawer adjustments. The cabinet doors are secured to a frame which gives them strength and durability while providing traditional cabinet appeal. There are more options with framed cabinets and variety of sizes, variations and materials,  usually for a lower price.

Framed Cabinets


With a modern and clean design, frameless cabinets are a European style design with increasing popularity in the American home. Offering fast installation, the construction consists of eliminating the face frame leaving just the box. This helps free up more storage space, offering full access to the cabinet interior and a larger drawer box capacity. Without a face frame, frameless cabinets depend on a thicker box for stability and durability and cabinet doors are secured to the side of the cabinet box offering a clean and minimalistic look.

Frameless Cabinets


Cabinet Finishes

The types of cabinet finishes are only limited to your imagination and lifestyle. From traditional stained hardwood and heirloom finishes to ultra modern carbon fiber thermafoil, options abound.


…and more

Pre-finished Wood Veneer Cabinets

Solid Color Stain

Painted Cabinets


Thermofoil Cabinets


Gloss Laminate Cabinets


Textured Laminate Cabinets

Textured Laminate

Pre-finished Wood Veneer Cabinets

Wood Veneer

Drybrush Glazed CabinetsPigment and Glaze Cabinets


Stained Cherry CabinetsStained Cherry Cabinets


Hardware & Accessories

The final details is where the fun starts and possibilities are endless. Navigating all the choices can be daunting. Both design and functionality need to be considered when selecting hardware and accessories.

Tansu Kitchen Cabinet Knob

Tansu Cabinet Knob

Satin Nickel Kitchen Drawer Pull

Satin Nickel Drawer Pull

Kitchen Cabinet Twist Pull

Twist Pull

Satin Brass Kitchen Cabinet Knob

Satin Brass Cabinet Knob

Kitchen Knives Organizer

Kitchen Knives Organizer

Kitchen Drawer Outlet

Kitchen Drawer Outlet

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

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