RBC Cabinetry

RBC Cabinetry’s mission is to provide quality cabinets with affordable prices and acceptable lead times. Above all, we strive to offer a quality product at various price levels to homeowners and contractors.

With access to a variety of imports and manufacturers, homeowners are unsure of making the right choice. Therefore, by choosing the cheapest price available, quality is sacrificed.

We are here to educate homeowners, contractors, developers, and investors on the different options available today. In addition, we only offer cabinetry we have studied, inspected, and know to be quality.

CEO and President of RBC Cabinetry, Ron Bierma, is a 3rd generation contractor. During his time working as a contractor, Ron worked with numerous custom cabinet shops and several manufacturers. Custom shops with long lead times and highly ambiguous final pricing did not meet his standard of service. Therefore, by streamlining the process, Ron was able to offer high quality manufactured lines at the best price point.,

RBC understands that not everyone needs custom cabinetry, as it’s not the only option available. However, semi-custom manufacturers have come a long way since the standard in-stock cabinet or flat packed DIY products. Above all, RBC has over 25 years of cabinetry experience and fine craftsmanship. 

We work with the best quality, semi-custom manufacturers which allows clients to be confident in their purchases. We have systemized our custom cabinet process, omitting long lead times from your traditional custom cabinet shop.

Call us for quality cabinets and exceptional service!

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