Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Nearly 70 percent of people who want to remodel their bathrooms say it is because the bathroom space is old and outdated. They want to modernize lighting fixtures, showers, sinks, and more.

However, completely remodeling a bathroom can get costly. Homeowners can get the same effect of an updated bathroom if they focus on high-impact areas, like the bathroom cabinets.

But how do you choose the best wooden bathroom cabinets for your bathroom?

We have created a quick comprehensive guide on everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the best wooden bathroom cabinets for your home.

Why Should I Update My Bathroom Cabinets?

Your bathroom cabinets usually take up the most space in the bathroom. Switching them out with fresh wooden cabinets in a different color or stain can totally rejuvenate your bathroom.

But what type of wood should you choose?

What Type of Wood is Best for Bathrooms?

You may be thinking that wood isn’t the best choice for your bathroom cabinets. After all, bathroom cabinets take in a lot of moisture from shower steam. They get scuffed and stained from cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, and more.

So, what type of cabinet material is best to withstand all the wear and tear cabinets go through?

Wood is a surprisingly good choice for your bathroom cabinets. They are timeless and natural.

They have a variety of different colors and shades you can stain the wooden cabinets, from red to white to black to more natural colors. That makes wooden cabinets able to fit seamlessly into any color scheme.

Wooden bathroom cabinets can also have distinctive knots that make them unique from standard cabinets.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

How Do I Protect My Wooden Bathroom Cabinets From Water?

As beautiful as wooden bathroom cabinets can be, wood can absorb moisture or cleaning products if not treated properly.

You want to make sure that your contractor uses high-quality wood when building your cabinets. Cheaper wood can absorb more moisture and warp more easily.

You can take several steps to protect your wood bathroom cabinets. First, you should always make sure that your cabinets have a sealant or other type of protectant on the surface.

Another way to protect your wooden cabinets is to always wipe away any moisture you see immediately.

You can also purchase a dehumidifier for your bathroom. This can help remove any moisture in the air and add an extra layer of protection for your wooden cabinets.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

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Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Remodeling a bathroom can end up being thousands of dollars over your expected budget. Updating your cabinets to wooden bathroom cabinets can be a stylish, yet cost-effective way to change the look and feel of your bathroom.

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